May 3, 2016


How Executive Headhunters are Scrambling for Relevance in the Age of Linkedin

Late last year, Canada’s small community of executive recruiters, the big-game headhunters who poach and staff the nation’s C-suites, was rocked by news of a recruiting coup within its own ranks. Roughly half the staff at Odgers Berndtson Canada, one of this country’s biggest search firms, resigned (or were cut loose, depending on whom you believe). The very same day, they reopened shop under the banner of Boyden, a large U.S.-based company with little presence north of the border […]

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Properly Equipping a Future Generation of Excellent Sourcers

I don’t know a single person whose goal upon graduating either from high school or college was to become a recruiter or a sourcer. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a single college that has a degree program dedicated to the art and/or science of recruiting (and no, Human Resources does NOT count, in my opinion). Yet the demand is on the rise to find people who can identify, engage, and bring great talent into an organization […]

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The Top 12 DNA Traits of a Good Sourcer

What does the three letter acronym of DNA stand for? I wish it stood for Dynamic Natural Abilities since that would have made this article easier. We all kind of know what DNA is, but in researching for this blog post, I actually had to look up the definition. […]

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The State of Recruiting Survey Results Shared At #ERE14

With a self-assigned grade of B, and an even lower C+ from the hiring managers whose jobs they fill, recruiting leaders from companies large and small heard the news there’s much to do to improve those scores, and that the road is not going to get easier in the year ahead. […]

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Leveraging Your Employment Brand to Boost Your Sourcing Strategy

As employment branding becomes an increasingly popular discussion in talent acquisition, I’ve seen more companies embracing the concept. During the last couple of years, new career pages have been built out to include videos about company culture, employee testimonial quotes and pictures that show “life in the office.” […]

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