Looking for a Different Recruitment Option to Find Candidates?

Our client, a government funded national healthcare company was building their business within various areas of the organization (Marketing, HR, Strategy, Legal, IT) and needed quality candidates at an affordable price. They wanted to see a finalist list of 3-6 candidates for each position who were qualified, interviewed and who were interested in moving forward for interviews with our client. Our client wanted to own the process from there – schedule their own interviews, control the candidate experience, execute references and provide the offer.


We were able to find highly qualified talent, interview all candidates and create a short list of the top 3-6 candidates including resumes, Linkedin profiles and interview notes/profiles.  The Short List took 2 weeks from start to finish.


Recruiters didn’t have to sift through 100’s of resumes nor did they have to do extensive interviewing to find the top 3 candidates.  Our Short List service combined sourcing, interviewing and candidate engagement all within 2 weeks. Our client received the list and owned the entire candidate experience and made a hire within 2-3 weeks. Not only did our client receive high quality candidates quickly but they were able to make hires for every position we worked on moving forward with this service, and at half the cost of a full search.