Looking for a Different Recruitment Option to Find Candidates?

Do you have a position to fill but are struggling to find strong candidates?  Do you have a limited budget and are not able to use an executive search firm or you think it might take too long?  If so, there is another option that is cost effective and has faster timelines…it’s the Short List.

Our client, a chartered bank was launching a new line of business and needed to build teams in both Toronto and Montreal. They had an internal recruitment team but were at capacity and could not find the time to proactively source the passive marketplace. The bank did not need a full search process from sourcing to hire, they were only interested in finding a list of candidates who were already vetted and interested in the opportunity.  Their recruiters could execute the rest of the recruitment process on their own. Overall, the bank was looking for recruitment research to help augment its national recruiting efforts within a very specific market segment in Canada.


We were able to deliver a simpler service with a 5-day turnaround time which provided the bank with top talent the recruiters could interview. 150 candidates were uncovered, which resulted in a list of 50 qualified and interested candidates from the bank’s competitors. A list was provided, which included contact details (name, title, company name, phone/email data/Linkedin profile, notes), all for a low flat fee.


Overall, this unbundled recruitment service resulted in faster recruitment timelines, a larger applicant pool and higher-quality candidates to create and build the new team with.  More importantly, this service was less than half the cost of a full search, saving the bank thousands of dollars in search fees.